Climate Change and the Ageing Population: Enforcing the Rights to Life and Health Under Human Rights, Health and Climate Change Regimes


  • Saheed A. Alabi



This article explores potential methods of protecting the ageing population from the consequences of climate change. It discusses the enforcement of the "right to life" (the right to live a life free from environmental degradation) and/or health relating to the environment in protection of the ageing population. Many countries have codified the right to life and/or health in their constitutions. In order to enjoy this right, it is essential that a clean and healthy environment be secured.

Thus, this article assesses the consideration of climate change by international human rights and health regimes. It also examines whether climate obligations such as emissions reduction, climate impact assessment, mitigation and adaptation can be enforced through these regimes. The article suggests that expanding the purview of new international climate policies that address the public health of the ageing population will fill the absence of health policies under the climate regime. Finally, after proposing that climate litigation through human rights enforcement may reshape global responses to adverse effects of climate change on the ageing population, the article suggests additional ways to achieve such feats.