Comments on the Role of the Modern Charitable Health Care Providers

Karl Emerson


As was indicated earlier, my name is Karl Emerson and I am the Director

of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations. The Bureau is the

state agency responsible for administering Pennsylvania’s Solicitation of

Funds for Charitable Purposes Act.


1 This is the statute that governsorganizations soliciting charitable contributions from Pennsylvania residents,

businesses, and/or private foundations. Pennsylvania’s solicitation statute is

similar to the solicitation statutes of 38 other states and requires organizations

soliciting charitable contributions in Pennsylvania to typically register with

the Bureau prior to soliciting.


2 Registration usually involves the organizationsubmitting a registration statement; a copy of its IRS 990 Return; a copy of its

audited or reviewed financial statements; and copies of its Articles of

Incorporation, By-Laws, and IRS Determination Letter.


3 The Bureau thenmakes this information available to the public through our toll-free number,

our website, and otherwise.

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